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Activity Module: Gallery4Kids

Process of Gallery4Kids module
Type: Activity Module
Requires: Moodle 1.8 or later
Status: Contributed
Maintainer(s): Julià Mestieri

Module name: Gallery4kids
Project: Moodle4kids
Version: 2.0
Author: Julia Mestieri
Organization: DEHISI/Sònia Sànchez Busques
Date: 13/07/2010
More info: http://www.5dbarcelona.org


Framed on a main project we called "moodle4kids" (or "space4kids") this module aims to facilitate the compilation of multimedia resoureces for children (from 6 to 12 years old).

Although Moodle is extremely flexible tool and kids adapt easily to every context, our preliminary work on field pointed that is not motivational and usable enough for them.

This module assists kid in the creation of a repository of multimedia resources (documents, images, audio and video) that they can keep private (only for their eyes, couse teachers & admin), share with friends (course-group share) or be public (to every course user's).

This module could be installed alone or work together with "storytelling" letting kids write stories that could be extended with "gallery4kids" multimedia files. If you like to include this feature, you will also need to install "storytelling" and "storytelling-gallery-integration" and then, create an "editor profile" (see storytelling) with gallery4kids plugin in it.

In combination with "storytelling" (via "storytelling-gallery-integration"), this module will convert moodle in a kind of "children's social network" to share and comment their digital creations (text, video, audio, images...) with other users with similar interests.


* Process: http://www.5dbarcelona.org/share/gallery4kids/processGallery.png
* Gallery's home: http://www.5dbarcelona.org/share/gallery4kids/galleryHome.png
* Shearch resources: http://www.5dbarcelona.org/share/gallery4kids/gallerySearch.png
* Upload new resource: http://www.5dbarcelona.org/share/gallery4kids/galleryUpload.png
* Share your resource: http://www.5dbarcelona.org/share/gallery4kids/galleryShare.png
* License (optional): http://www.5dbarcelona.org/share/gallery4kids/galleryLicence.png

* Integration with Storytelling: http://www.5dbarcelona.org/share/storytelling-gallery-integration/integration1.png


This module was tested and works with Mozilla Firefox (2.5 or better) and works fine with every standard compliant browser.
Internet Explorer is an insecure, privative and not standard compliant browser so this module is not compliant with any versions of IE.
This module is based on Moodle 1.9 official Javascript libraries (YUI) that are outdated and could include additional bugs.
At this version, this module is very tight to "roundedcorners" themes (optimized for "5dbarcelona theme") so if you like to use this module in your site with an "standard" based theme, the module will be functional but you will like to modify CSS a little bit. If you need help you can contact us.

quiron ([at]) riseup ([dot]) net or sonia.sanchez ([at]) uab ([dot]) cat

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