Git commits in Moodle 3.10.x by Mahmoud Kassaei

commit fc538e946aa76f85c77562c921363e04a79c7ea9
Author: Mahmoud Kassaei <>
Date:   Thu, 28 Jan 2021 04:15:55 +0800
Tag:    v3.10.2

MDL-70377 qtype_essay: When reviewing an attempt as a teacher

commit 95d1f1f18d96380d9dd660cd90b82a927f5a5685
Author: Mahmoud Kassaei <>
Date:   Wed, 16 Sep 2020 20:51:13 +0800
Tag:    v3.10.0-beta

MDL-68562 Qtype_essay: Adding file-size limit to the attachment files