Git commits in Moodle 2.5.x by Henning Bostelmann

commit eed14281d468338ae85f58e868f41b06e31a0eb4
Author: Henning Bostelmann <>
Date:   Fri, 07 Mar 2014 22:57:24 +0800
Tag:    v2.5.6

MDL-44502 filelib: Add mimetype for Maple worksheets

commit eb6492e62ff270902d1ead1abb6f820bcc89775d
Author: Henning Bostelmann <>
Date:   Fri, 06 Sep 2013 20:35:08 +0800
Tag:    v2.5.3

MDL-29987 File resource: fix problem with PDF display on mobile devices

commit a15ad2be175ccbbca2e4a955c1db85a57e80d5b8
Author: Henning Bostelmann <>
Date:   Thu, 01 Aug 2013 19:43:12 +0800
Tag:    v2.5.2

MDL-27595 backup: allow course import with warnings Proceed with import if warnings are found, but display the warnings afterwards