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16 countries
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Martin Dougiamas Australia376
One poor developer... Spain155
Picture of John Papaioannou Greece125
Picture of Nicolas Martignoni Switzerland112
Picture of koen roggemans Belgium60
Bobo Italy35
Picture of Gustav W Delius United Kingdom35
Picture of Carles Bellver Spain20
Picture of Petri Asikainen Finland14
Picture of Mitsuhiro Yoshida Japan14
Picture of Benito Arias Spain14
Picture of Antonio Navarro Spain12
Argh!!! Finland12
Picture of Zbigniew Fiedorowicz United States10
Picture of Russell Jungwirth United States10
Picture of Ray Kingdon United Kingdom7
Picture of David Mudrák Czechia7
Picture of Stig Bjarne Haugen Norway5
Picture of Adam Pawelczak Poland5
Picture of Andrea Bicciolo Italy5
Picture of Ralf Hilgenstock Germany4
Picture of Jaime Villate Portugal3
Picture of Kristian Nielsen Denmark2
Picture of Scott Elliott United States1