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56 countries
112576 commits
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Martin Dougiamas Australia13213
Picture of Petr Skoda New Zealand11284238
One poor developer... Spain73255961
Tim at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary United Kingdom573777
Dan at desk in Moodle HQ, Perth United Kingdom29267023
Sam Hemelryk New Zealand26994166
Picture of David Mudrák Czechia250835
Picture of AMOS bot Australia249968
Picture of Andrew Nicols Australia24702521
Picture of Moodle Bot Australia2456
Picture of Marina Glancy Australia2378968
Me! Australia22421723
Picture of Frédéric Massart Australia2224
June 2007 Australia1861
Picture of David Monllaó Australia18222463
Dongsheng Cai Australia1778
Picture of Yu Zhang Australia1726
Rajesh Taneja Australia15621
Picture of Mitsuhiro Yoshida Japan1364
Picture of Mark Nelson Australia1293
Picture of Nicolas Martignoni Switzerland1267
Picture of Andrew Davis Australia11591
Picture of koen roggemans Belgium1123
Picture of Dan Marsden New Zealand10752
Picture of Jamie Pratt Thailand106342
Picture of Juan Leyva Spain1058
Martin Langhoff - Sailing United States1043
Picture of Jérôme Mouneyrac Australia1029
Picture of Penny Leach Switzerland1028
Picture of Ankit Agarwal Australia1012
Picture of Gustav W Delius United Kingdom970
Picture of Howard Miller United Kingdom930
Picture of John Papaioannou Greece927
Picture of Adrian Greeve Australia922
Picture of sam marshall United Kingdom881
Picture of Simey Lameze Australia749
Picture of Rossiani Wijaya Australia707
Picture of Vy-Shane Sin Fat Australia657
Picture of Ethem Evlice Turkey635
Picture of Gordon Bateson Japan593
Picture of Urs Hunkler Germany593
Picture of Jun Pataleta Australia567537
Bobo Italy545
It's only an avatar... United Kingdom5301
MD shot of me from his iphone4 Australia507865
Picture of Mathieu Petit-Clair Australia502
Picture of Helen Foster Belgium491
Pierre Pichet Canada452
Picture of Ryan Wyllie Australia434
Picture of Jake Dallimore Australia387354
Mark Nielsen in Prague, Czech Republic - 2006 United States386
Nick a few years ago, in a leather jacket United Kingdom379
Picture of John Okely Australia366
Picture of Jason Fowler Australia314
Picture of Eric Merrill United States309
Picture of Petri Asikainen Finland306
Picture of Stephen Bourget United States280
Picture of Andreas Grabs Germany276
Pedo mellon a minno Australia272
Picture of Jean-Michel Védrine France252
Picture of Matteo Scaramuccia Italy241
Picture of Michael Penney United States235
Picture of Luca Bösch Switzerland232
Me! New Zealand230
Picture of Ray Kingdon United Kingdom223
Picture of Nadav Kavalerchik Israel221
Picture of Zig Tan Australia216
Argh!!! Finland215
Picture of Shane Elliott Hong Kong210
Picture of Iñaki Arenaza Spain204
Picture of Ruslan Kabalin United Kingdom196
Davo United Kingdom190
Mugshot New Zealand186
Picture of Mike Churchward Canada180
Picture of Charles Fulton United States173
Picture of Valery Fremaux France170
Picture of Russell Smith Australia168
Picture of Jetha Chan Australia1653
Picture of Daryl Hawes United Kingdom164
Picture of Adam Olley Australia163
Picture of Shamim Rezaie Australia162
Picture of Michael Aherne United Kingdom158
Picture of Sara Arjona Téllez Spain158
Picture of Patrick Li New Zealand154
Picture of Benito Arias Spain151
Picture of Barbara Ramiro Australia137
Picture of Yuliya Bozhko New Zealand135
Picture of Mihail Geshoski Australia133
Picture of Ling Li China132
Picture of Daniele Cordella Italy1312
Picture of Tim Lock Australia129
Picture of Williams Castillo Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic Of128
Picture of Aaron Barnes New Zealand128
Picture of Paul Nicholls New Zealand122
Picture of Carles Bellver Spain116
Picture of Andrea Bicciolo Italy111
Picture of Adam Pawelczak Poland109
Picture of Tony Butler United Kingdom108
Picture of Brian Barnes New Zealand107
Picture of Henning Bostelmann United Kingdom104
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