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URL Video: Plenary at MoodleMoot Italia 2019 "Supporting and Measuring Quality Education" (Begins at 46:25)
URL Video: Technical workshop at MoodleMoot Italia 2019
URL Video: General Audience Workshop at MoodleMoot Greece 2019
Working Group Communications URL Open Moodle Learning Analytics tracker issues
Administration Support URL New to Moodle Learning Analytics? Documentation here!
Developer Support Area URL Analytics API Developer Documentation
URL Analytics and reporting forum has long hosted discussions about learning analytics, many of them in this forum.

Research Support Area URL Moodle research forum also hosts discussions about other research topics in this forum.

URL Moodle Research Library

Moodle maintains a searchable repository of Moodle-related research, including full text when available and links to publications. All are welcome to contribute.

Links to Online Workshops and Live Events URL Supporting and Measuring Quality Education in Moodle (Keynote)
URL Analytics Workshop 2019 What is Quality Education -- Curriculum Activity

URL MLA001-01 About the Community of Inquiry Model
URL MLA001-02 Enabling and Administering Moodle Learning Analytics
URL MLA001-03 Train and Evaluate Sample Model in Moodle Learning Analytics
URL MLA001-04 Pilot Moodle Learning Analytics
URL MLA002-01 Moodle Learning Analytics Overview Introduction
URL MLA002-02 Overview for Designers
URL MLA002-03 Overview for Developers
URL MLA003-01 Targets Overview
URL MLA003-02 Targets for Designers
URL MLA003-03 Targets for Developers
URL MLA004-02 Indicators for Designers
URL MLA004-03 Indicators for Developers
URL MLA005-01 Analysis Intervals
URL MLA006-02 Insights, Notifications, Actions for Designers
URL MLA006-03 Insights, Notifications, Actions for Developers
URL MLA007-01 Analysers
How to Participate in Learning Analytics Data Collection Page Our Committment to Privacy

Because the analysis needed to develop Moodle learning analytics requires the collection of detailed data from many institutions, extensive measures are in place to ensure the privacy and anonymity of participants. Those measures are described in detail here.

URL Copy your Moodle Site

Important: The de-identification process must be run on a copy of your Moodle site, because the Anonymise plugin destroys data. Follow these directions from the Moodle documentation, or contact your Moodle Partner for additional assistance.

URL Import Final Grades if necessary (Tool in progress)

If your institution uses the course final grade to represent successful completion of the course, is the final course grade in Moodle accurate? If not, please use this tool (when it becomes available) to import accurate final grades via a csv file into the copy of your Moodle site.

URL Install Anonymise Local Plugin on Site Copy

Install this plugin on your site copy.

Do not install this plugin on your production Moodle server!

(See MDLSITE-4902 for more information.)

Page Extract and Upload your Site Data

Follow these instructions to anonymise and extract your site data and upload a compressed file to the Moodle file server.

Note: These instructions assume that you are able to access the command line interface (CLI) of the Moodle server where your site copy is hosted. For more assistance, please contact your Moodle Partner. You may also post questions in the forum in this section.