| Thursday, 27 November 2014 |
Global event

Australian Health MoodleMoot

8:00 AM » Friday, 28 November, 3:00 PM

The conference will be held on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 November, 2014, at the Clinical Education Centre, Sydney Adventist Hospital, Sydney.

The first ever Health MoodleMoot in Australia, is proudly presented by Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAH), also known as 'The San'.

The theme for the inaugural Health MoodleMoot is "Moodle and Innovation in Healthcare Education”.

The aim of the theme is to showcase successful implementations of Moodle, and related technologies and approaches, that promote exploration, simulation, sharing and collaboration in healthcare education.  We hope for this to cover both Educator and Staff focused solutions that may include, but not be limited to:

  • staff capability programs and compliance training
  • peer review and mentorship, and reflective e-learning
  • use of Moodle to augment face-to-face learning, sharing and assessment
  • instructional design strategies for crafting the appropriate learning experience
  • methods of increasing learner interest and participation using eLearning
  • innovative tools and teaching practices that provide exploratory and simulation opportunities for staff and clinical students
  • collaborative and social learning tools, including webinars, telemedicine and social media
  • digital authoring tools, video-resources, and repositories to create, find, share and manage resources

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